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Information Security is becoming ever more vital as access to data is growing. Black hat hackers, pentesters, information security researchers, call it by any name it is still the same. Businesses have a few choices they can: ignore security and risk a fate like Target's recent breach, you can put some off the shelf solution in place like Avast!...Scary, or you can rest Safe and Sound with Synops.

Safe and Sound Security Scan by Synops

Using proven methods of Offensive Security we breach through gaps in security both physical and digital. Once the scans are complete we begin working documenting exploits available for any vulnerabilities.

Hire a Hacker?

With 30 years of experience and industry insight the safest option is to have one securing your site then attacking it.

Is it safe?

No, but wouldn't you want to know how a burgaler would break into your house so you can secure it, then find out after your safety was breached?

Our Process

To keep you secure, Synops would begin with a series of conversations and emails to establish what your security needs are. Standard free analysis is conducted as well as a detailed survey of the existing infrastructure. A report is completed and agreed after which we begin our penetration testing finding those vulnerabilities in your company. These can be in the form of technological like a networking flaw requiring an update, or a personnel issue where a seemingly harmless conversation reveals flaws in the actual buildings security and even business critical email addresses. After we conduct our testing we will meet with you to go over our findings. Then we would come to terms with remediation, which is the process of making changes to secure your infrastructure. This remediation can be a simple series of updates to a few days training to educate the staff to be more vigilant with the company’s information.

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